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Terms of Use

About this Terms of Use statement

This terms of use statement is to be read in conjunction with the privacy, copyright and disclaimer notices provided on the Proline website. This statement is intended to give the user of the website a clear indication of what is termed as fair use of the Proline Building Commercial Pty Ltd services.


Terms of use statement

Proline makes certain services available via its website or intranet for its employees and other users. By using these services you agree not to violate any local or international laws, harass, threaten or offend any individual or entity, post or transmit any commercial advertising, provide false or misleading information regarding your identity or post any information that infringes on a third party’s copyright and intellectual property.


You are not to use any of Proline's technology for propagation of spam or related activities. By using the Proline website you are required to report any potential breaches of security or fair use to the contact information provided below.


You acknowledge that any service provided by Proline may be terminated at any time at the total discretion of Proline Director/s.

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